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...with Ted and VJ.  Their music combines the sounds of harp, flute, clarinet, autoharp, guitar, and saxophone.  They play classical, standards, folk, jazz, spiritual, and pop music for your enjoyment.  They can also perform vocals in ten languages.


To contact Ted and VJ, please phone:

(760) 861-9877  (VJ)

(760) 285-1305   (Ted)

or (760) 775-6212 for the office


Ted Pethes, born in Chicago, began playing professionally as a teenager.  He started performing at a night club at age 16.  He studied with teachers from the Chicago Symphony, on-the-road jazz artists, and professionals who introduced him to dance band, show, and recording studio music.  In fact, music paid his way through to his own Doctorate, as he travelled to New York, Texas, Los Angeles, New Orleans and Las Vegas.  Through all his working life he continued creating music, recording radio and TV commercials, playing Broadway shows, headlining jazz combos, and he occasionally works with Symphonies even today.  In 1990 he came to the Coachella Valley, where he and VJ met and decided to make music together!


Valerie-Jean Hume, or "VJ", was born in Canada, and began studying music at age 6.  She learned piano and flute, and became a singer after discovering the autoharp, with its rich mellow sound that compliments her voice.  She went on the road with a show band "CARSON!" and then set out as a single, travelling the world, learning to perform in ten languages.  She played in lounges, worked on nine cruise ships, created cabaret shows, sang with big bands and small groups, and appeared in Las Vegas as a Celebrity Lookalike, imitating Julie London, June Carter-Cash, Lorrie Morgan, and Tammy Wynette.  She plays the Celtic harp, and has recorded three CDs of her music.  She moved to the Coachella Valley in l987, where she met Ted.

VJ and Ted were married May 1, 2004


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